Meet the Ward's

Post 1001: The New Ward’s Notes-Who We Are

Greetings friends! This is an exciting step in a long awaited (for me at least) blog! After nearly 1000 ‘Quote-Posts’, please allow me to start the first official, non-quote post with my intentions of this site and I’ll work forward with future posts from there.

There are several intention of this blog:

  • Explore how our minds and thoughts influence everything we do, think and feel.
  • Explore foods—the stuff we put in our mouths to provide us with energy and momentary satisfaction.
  • Explore how to live a life free of (or at least limited) ‘stress,’ poor health and negativity.
  • Have fun and share a few laughs! Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy nothing more than getting a laugh or a smile from someone.

And now, who we are:

I’ll start! I’d say that I am a curious individual who loves to learn new things that better myself, others and the world around us. That may sound too idealistic, I know, but there is a lot of truth to that. I live to get a laugh out of others and lean toward a more clever (and admittedly sometimes corny) style of humor than your class-clown genre.

I have a wonderful wife, Stacy, who will also contribute to these posts. She and I are both passionate about quite a few of the same things: health, wellness, fitness, reading—all without being too extreme. We both love spending time outdoors and—though we love living in a large city—have recently started camping. Stacy also really enjoys experimenting with recipes and has concocted some delicious meals, mostly vegetarian or vegan. I often call myself a ‘functional eater’ where I’ll eat something for the nutrition more so than the taste. Together, we have developed some fantastic eats that are great for you too!

Both of our parents have (her Mom) or had (my Dad) cancer in their lives. From those experiences we’ve taken it upon ourselves to learn how to be more aware of the choices we make as we strive to live a healthy and happy life. (Happiness is a key part to health and even more.)

Professionally, I am a marketer at heart. My passion in marketing stems from how we all have different views on life yet tend to want the same things. I am fascinated (though sometimes also discouraged) by how our perceptions define who we are and the actions we do or don’t take. I love that we can change those perceptions if we have the desire to, if first we become aware of them. This blog will get into that too in time.

As this blog journey continues, I’ll find my voice and writing style. Exactly how that will turn out remains to be seen. However, I can tell you this: I can be really serious and my humor can be dry and challenging to differentiate, but I’ll do my best to be clear! I’m hopeful to share some stories, lessons learned and make it all fun for us along the way! I am also hopeful that you’ll get involved in the conversation and share your thoughts and learning too!

Thanks for coming along! We hope you enjoy Ward’s Notes!

– Chris