This site was initially launched in 2009 to host the quotes I had been emailing every workday to a small distribution since 2003. I had wanted a blog site since probably 2007 or earlier, but didn’t really know much about blogging (and it was more challenging and involving back then) and I didn’t take/make the time to figure it all out. Finally in 2013, I revised the site deciding Ward’s Notes could be a good place and a fun place for me to post my thoughts, ideas and learning on a small variety of topics such as: health (physical and mental), happiness, kindness and a just other observations. And I thought, “Heck. Maybe I can post some of my humor too and see how that sticks.” People who know me know I can’t be serious for too long.

Ward’s Notes will continue to host the daily quotes as well as a other informative and even funny stuff. We hope you enjoy, visit often and even pass along this site to a friend or two.

All the best,

Chris (& Stacy)

Other Website(s): christopherandstacy.com