The First Blog.

There is something to be said about preparing to do something new and then actually doing something for the very first time.  This blog is something completely new for me.  I don’t belong to (m)any blogging sites.  Sure, I’ve written a few opinions on restaurant sites, and maybe shared a few experiences with particular products but aside from those and some general micro-blogging, I really don’t know much about the blog world at all.

I’ve thought of doing a blog for a little while now, I wanted a chance to share some observations and perspectives, have a place to display the quotes I send daily (workdays) to a few dozen people and also to allow them to share what those quotes may mean to them if they wish.  I’ve thought about seeking and sharing viewpoints on the news and the world around us.  I also wanted to use this blog to learn (about blogging and having an online presence), to experiment (I have business ideas I’d someday like to explore and a blog of my own may provide the experience I seek) and to challenge myself (keeping a blog will challenge me in numerous ways).

Blog Focus:

Once I realized my “whys” and I determined that I wanted a blog, I realized I needed a focus.  What would I write about?  So after giving thought to that, I’ve come up with following areas of interest: 

  • Quotes.  I love quotes but not just any quotes, quotes that cause one (self included) to reflect and think and develop a personal interpretation.
  • Behavior/Psychology:  My career is in marketing and the main reason I love marketing is the psychology and behavior impact that advertising (and communication of all types really) can have one a person.
  • Perspectives: I’ve always been aware, even as a child really though perhaps slightly less consciously, that different people view the same “things” differently.  What I hope to illustrate in this blog is how we can all witness one event or occurrence or quote even, and have completely differing views on what it means… and everyone’s is their truth.
  • Anything Else: I am not shutting the door to other ideas just yet.  Time will tell whatever may become a page or table in the future on the WardNotes site.

So that’s what this blog will be about, for now 🙂

Be well and have a powerful day! – Chris