Oh my word.

Oh my word.

A few months ago I declared on this blog that I was going to “jump”. I made an intention that I was going to plunge into blogging with renewed regularity, accepting that I didn’t know specifically what I’d blog about but that I was going to “jump” nonetheless. And I did.

…But then I didn’t. And I didn’t again and again.

My ‘off-blog’ life became “busy”. The company for which I work had been acquired and my responsibilities increased and I became “busier”. I had new things to learn, more tasks to complete, new relationships to build, more things to do. I had good reason for not “jumping”. I “had a lot on my plate” and I could forgive myself for missing a post for a week or two. It was just a couple of posts after all. And who was going to read or miss them anyway?

And then other posts were missed. And others. Weeks passed. I was busy.

A new project at work suddenly became mine. I got even busier! I had new reasons not to post. More proof that I was just too busy and that it was okay to not play big. It was okay to not think about what I might blog about. It was okay to not research. It was okay to not write. It was okay to not “jump.”

But what was happening was, I had gotten comfortable with something that I hadn’t recognized as that important: I was okay in not honoring my word. I’d become okay in saying something and then not following through. (I had reasons after all. I was busy.)

I originally started this blog not only to post the quotes that I had been emailing to a small group of friends and family each workday for the past several years but also to share other ideas, perhaps on science-based discoveries in human potential, or about living a healthy life, or about taking care of ourselves or each other with hopes of starting a conversation with those interested in sharing their ideas. I also started this blog with hopes of finding my voice and perhaps even creating an opportunity to share some humor and just have fun.

However, the new posts never came.

I see now how my own thinking stopped me on this pursuit. My own ‘not-always obvious’ fears and doubts held me back. My concerns of “will I want to commit to this,” “will I have time for this,” and “what will others think” prevented me from moving forward. My fears and reasons stopped me “jumping” and from honoring my word.

That stops here.

Here’s my commitment: I’m honoring my word and my word right here and now is this:

In addition to the daily (workday) quotes, I am a publisher of at least one blog post a week for the next 10 weeks.

Why 10 weeks? No particular reason. But if I don’t enjoy creating posts over the next 10 weeks, I’ll know blogging isn’t for me. But if I post something each week for the next 10 weeks, regardless of how I feel, I’ll know I can keep my word. And that’s powerful.

What’s your word?

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