I’m not 100% sure what I want my blog to cover. (Jump)

I’m not sure this will be worth the effort. (Jump)

I’m not sure people will read this or leave comments. Should I even bother? (Jump)

I’m not sure I’ll always have the passion to write.  (Jump)

I’m not sure I’ll always know what I want to write.  (Jump)

I’m not sure of my “voice”. I like to add humor, but to also be serious. What if I can’t find the right tone? (Jump)

I’m afraid I won’t have consistency and isn’t that needed for a blog to be ‘successful’? (Jump)

I’m concerned I might write something that is interpreted incorrectly, perhaps as I didn’t come up with the right words and people will not understand my actual intention. (Jump)

I’m concerned this could be boring. (Jump)

I know I’m not perfect, but I do like produce strong work. How many times will I re-read and re-write? (Jump)

I get so busy with work and involved in …I don’t know, just being busy and other things. What if I stop publishing for weeks on end? (Jump)

Didn’t I try to re-launch this once before? What is different now? (Jump)

What if I find something else I want to do instead? (Jump)

What if I start this but just then quit it? What will others think or say about me? (Jump)

What would my next post be about? (Jump)

What will I think of myself, on my death bed someday, as I reflect on what I’ve done and what I thought I maybe wanted to do, but never even tried? (Jump)


A recent conversation enlightened me to the fact that most of my concerns and stopping points with this blog (and in life) will forever remain unanswered unless and until I begin to simply ‘jump.’ Here I go.